Stay Home Day

“Stay Home Days” started last year when Andrew started school.  Andrew loves “Stay Home Days”  when he would go to bed, he would always ask if tomorrow was a “Stay Home Day.”  A “Stay Home Day” is a day when we get to stay home all day, we get to sit and rock in the rocking chair longer, we get to stay in our jammies all day, if we want, and most importantly, the kids get to play all day!!  “Stay Home Days” have become sacred around here.  I try not to schedule appointments on those days, I try to get my shopping done, so we don’t have anywhere to go on those days.  These special days have become even more important to Mommy, because I know that there will not be very many more of them.  Next year, Andrew will be in Kindergarten and the girls will be going to Preschool.  We will have fewer days when all the kids are home together and can play all day.    I love to watch the kids play around me while I do my chores.

For whatever reason, today was an extra special “stay home day.”  Kaitlyn woke up early and helped Daddy make a yummy pancake breakfast with blueberry syrup.  Then after Daddy left for work, Andrew asked if we could get the instruments out.  So I pulled out the instruments and the kids have been having fun banging their drums, blowing their recorders, and ringing their bells all day long.  Later the kids asked if they could have a tea party.  Since it was almost lunch we decided to have a tea party lunch.  I cut our PB & Honey into little squares and made the last 4 pancakes from breakfast into sandwiches as well.  We pulled the tea set that Aunt Linda gave the girls out and ate our little sandwiches on little plates.  The kids always have fun eating and drinking off of little plates and cups, and it is always a good excuse for Mommy to sneak in a little bit of manners training in the process! 🙂

The kids may not really ever remember these special days, but for me, I will treasure them in my heart forever!!

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