Happy Birthday, Girls!


Our Girls = PURE JOY!!!!

Three years ago, God surprised us with twin girls! To be honest, we were shocked and little overwhelmed! But here we are 3 years later and can not imagine our home without them. They are such a blessing to our family!

The girls are truly the best of friends! They have their differences, but they are very similar as well. Megan is a little more quiet and shy, is happy being a little girl, and she is very loyal and caring. Kaitlyn is very outgoing, wants to be grown up, and has a very sweet heart!  They both love to help me around the house, and they can play together for hours!

Their favorite thing to do together is to play in their doll house with their princesses and if you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they will both say that they want to be a princess!

For their birthday, we went to the zoo for the day and then came home to celebrate as a family with cake and ice cream and a few gifts from Mommy and Daddy.

This past weekend we celebrated with family and a few friends here at the house.  The girls’ favorite princesses is Rapunzel, so Brian and I worked to throw them a Rapunzel themed birthday party, complete with “floating lights”, a tower and even a few frying pans!  They had so much fun, and it was so fun to see them get excited over every detail of the day!

Kaitlyn and Megan, you will always be our princesses!  We love you both so much and enjoy every moment watching you grow!

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  1. Stacie says:

    Love the “floating lights” and purse birthday cakes. Ethan will be releaved one day that you have pictures of Andrew in a tutu! – He won’t be the only cousin to wear girly dress up clothes. I think that its great you allow Andrew to wear what his imagination inspires him!

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