Big Day of Firsts!


Yesterday was a big day for us!  We had so many “firsts”, I don’t think we have ever packed so many things all in one day before!

1.  First day of getting up before 6:00am … in a long time!

2.  First Day of Brian making the family breakfast! (…what a great dad!)

3.  First day of Pre-K for Andrew!

4.  First day of Bible Study for Mommy and the girls!

5.  First day of Andrew having lunch at school!

6.  First day of Mommy not having soda!  (… not sure how long that will last!)

7.  First day of Ballet for the girls!

8.  First day of Children’s Choir at church for Andrew!

9.  First of many crock-pot meals for the year!

10.  First day of Mommy falling asleep at 9:00pm in a long time!!

Whew!  I am tired, and we have to do it all again next week!  Not sure if I am ready for all this … but it was fun!!

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2 Responses to Big Day of Firsts!

  1. Stacie says:

    Those kids are just growing up to fast! I don’t want them to grow up. After I was done having kids, all I had left was for my siblings to have kids so there would be new babies around. Now those babies are growing up. Thanks for sharing all the pics.

    • Deborah says:

      Oh, Stacie! I agree! I can’t believe how big they are all getting! I am dreading next year when they will all be in school. What will I do with myself??

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