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Ok, so I have a confession!  The desktop on my computer is a MESS!!  There are a ton of random things posted on it.  I have plans for all of them, but I never seem to get to the point where my desktop is completely cleaned off.  So tonight, I am going to make an attempt!!  Here are a bunch of random pictures from my desktop.  All of which I love!  Hope you enjoy them too ….

As you know, my kids love a good picnic.  So early one spring morning, the kids helped themselves to a blanket in the closet and made their own picnic out on your lawn in the back yard!

I love this picture of Megan.  This was taken right after she had pneumonia this summer.  She had been sick all weekend, and this was Monday or Tuesday.  It made me so happy to see her feeling like a “princess” again!

Megan and Kaitlyn, going on a bike ride with Daddy!  These girls are just so darn cute!

I think this was Father’s Day!  Brian is such a great husband and dad!!  We all adore him!

This was the week of VBS.  My kids love everything about VBS, but they really like their shirts!

It was HOT … really, do I need to say anything more? 🙂

Andrew found this shirt in his closet and wanted to wear it to church that morning.  He did not know that this shirt was made by my grandmother for my brother Aaron when he was little.  Aaron died when he was not much older than Andrew.  And later that day, I realized what date it was, and it was Aaron’s birthday!  I wish my brother could have been here to see Andrew enjoying his old shirt!

We went to get ice cream, and got to see some firemen.  Andrew loves firemen, especially the one on the left of him.  That was his t-ball coach!

The girls dress up all the time, so Andrew wanted to see what was so special about being a princess …

… he decided it was much more fun to be a Jedi knight!!

My girls love to garden, this is them “planting seeds.”

Wow, that was it!  My desk and my computer are almost all cleaned off now!  Thanks for your help!

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